Join the Congressional Tech Staff Associatoin

In today’s digital world, technology is embedded or involved in nearly everything we do, see, touch or hear.  Technology has the ability to create jobs, streamline everyday products and services in the public and private sector, and offer consumers additional choices as well as impacting our privacy and civil liberties.

In the grand scheme of policy, technology is a fairly new area. There are only four computer science majors in the Congress and a small number of Members who are either scientists, engineers or entrepreneurs who have worked in the technology space. If we are to be effective legislators, it is important that we, our colleagues and Hill staff fully understand the complexities of technology issues prior to passing laws or regulations.

That’s why we have registered the Congressional Technology Staff Association (CTSA).   CTSA will serve to foster professional development among House staffers by bringing together staff whose work relates to technology or whose professional interests involve technology.  CTSA is bipartisan, and will help staffers better serve their Members regardless of affiliation.



Will Hurd                       Ted W. Lieu

Member of Congress      Member of Congress


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